About Us

about us

With over 30 years of combined alternative lending experience, GLD Funding has been 100% committed to providing smart, fast, and easy funding solutions to small business owners.

We take pride in building personable relationships with our clients, so we insure that we provide the financial tools needed to grow your business, with minimal paperwork, no collateral, and no credit rating score. We can get you funding options within a couple of hours.

Over the past 20 years we have seen the banks tighten their criteria on lending, making it difficult for business owners to get the working capital they need to continue to serve their communities and customers worldwide. Therefore, GLD Funding decided to offer customized funding programs that best suit the client’s needs.

We believe in small businesses because they are what make our economy thrive. Without them, there is no us. Clients should feel confident in knowing that GLD Funding is here to assist them every step of the way to get the working capital they deserve.